From left to right: Sifis, Roussos, Stavros, Spyros and Athina

About us

Roussos Viglis (2nd from left) was born in the old village of Agia Roumeli in 1950 and has experienced immense changes in way of life during his lifetime.
He has his roots in the village of Samaria in the middle of the gorge, where his father was born, one of a family of 12 children.
Roussos has been occupied with tourism since 1977, mostly by managing a restaurant in Agia Roumeli but also supervising our hotel Artemis Studios. Roussos is also a passionate beekeeper, a tradition passed on from generation to generation in his family. He is a keen reader of books on Cretan history and has a burning interest in keeping the environment of his home village intact.
Roussos will be your leader on the walks which will be done around Agia Roumeli and into the gorge to the village of Samaria. He will also show you his beekeeping and tell you about this procedure.

(3rd from the left) and Giannis (not in the picture) are the sons of Roussos and they are running Artemis Restaurant together with their father as well as starting to learn about beekeeping.

Spiros Viglis
(2nd from right) is the brother of Roussos, also born in Agia Roumeli, with the same experiences of life as Roussos. He will show you how the bread was baked in old times and also now. He, as Roussos, can describe life as it was in the past, with many stories from a childhood that was not very different from life in Crete centuries ago.

(far right) Wife of Spiros, she is running Artemis Studios. Athina is taking care of the well being of our guests of the hotel.

Eva Vigli
(not in the picture) is the wife of Roussos and she will be handling your reservations and enquiries.

(far left) is taking care of our guest at Artemis Restaurant. He has his roots in France, Italy and Israel and speaks several languages.